About Basadi


Founded with a vision to nurture in every vulnerable woman that we teach and assist a feeling of diligence, self-worth, respect, responsibility and hope. The empowerment of women is fundamental in reducing poverty and hunger. Basadi believes that investing in these women we can generate significant improvements and food security.

We therefore strive to improve conditions of living and create employment opportunities for these women.


It is our mission to support rural women in our community by providing training, marketing and sales for their hand-crafted work and assisting in development of their skills and capacity therefore supporting family income needs. 

On Pursuit of Transformation

Basadi was established on the 15th of February 2013 as one of Tshega Christian Mission’s Programs.

Rural women, who constitute one-fourth of the world’s population, continue to face more difficulty than men in accessing public services, social protection, employment and markets, due to cultural norms, security issues and lack of identification documents. These women have not enjoyed the privilege of skills development and quality education resulting in unemployment that is staggering. Due to migration many families only have a mother to depend on for their needs. Family planning, health, safety, gender equality and abuse are only a few of the social challenges most women face on a daily basis. Educating these women’s would also mean that a large gender gap in their access to decision making and leadership can be curtailed. Women are mostly care takers; they look after children, relatives, prepare meals and manage homes within the rural village environment. Added to these tasks they spend long hours collecting water and firewood. Despite these responsibilities women have significantly less access to resources and service they need to increase their productivity and their income. We are focused on the theme of empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication and sustainable development. Tshega believes that investing in these women can generate significant improvements and food security. The empowerment of women and opportunities are fundamental in reducing poverty and hunger.

The Women’s Project, Basadi will therefore strive to improve conditions of living and create employment opportunities for these women for selected vulnerable families.

Our Artisans

Our artisans all have unique stories and they are a special part of our program. Read the unique stories and bios of the special women behind the Basadi Skills Project.

Our Fabrics

All Natural…

Basadi products reflect the quality and exclusiveness associated with the brand.  The project use high-end natural textiles such as cotton.

Shweshwe is one of the main cotton textiles used in designs. The Original Shweshwe printed fabric has become synonymous with quality by both the formal and informal sectors of the economy.  Shweshwe have the unique traditional characteristics: all fabrics are 100% cotton. Because these fabrics are starched in the factory – that’s the tradition – they are quite stiff when new. After washing they are lovely and soft and easy to work with.

Shweshwe is widely used for traditional South African clothing. Originally dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printing designs characterized by intricate geometric patterns.

Basadi lines presents;

  • Large attention to detail in the design, the fabrics and the manufacturing.
  • Valuable classic pieces that can be used as a “staple” in any household year after year.
  • An excellent alternative and happy choice for women that want high-end linen at an affordable and realistic price.
  • Several items from the line are made to be used visa versa, offering versatility and purchasing value for the consumer.
  • Our lines lends itself to the possibility of being presented as a gift.

Each of our artisans are being honored by an embroidered lady designed to portray their character….  Each of these embroidered pieces tells their individual story….